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Whirl and Go

Party Details

  • $200

  • 30 Minutes

  • 1 Princess (Alice)

  • 15 Guests (Children)

  • Recommended Ages 2-3

  • 1 Princess Attendant

Party Package Description

It's a Golden Afternoon when you invite Alice to host your Birthday (or Un-Birthday) party! The 30-minute Whirl and Go party package is hosted by Alice from Wonderland. Alice will arrive prepared to delight the Birthday Princess and up to 15 un-birthday party guests. The festivities commence with a Manners and Etiquette Ceremony, where the Birthday Princess and Guests must prove they are prim and proper! Upon completion of the Manners and Etiquette Ceremony, the Birthday Princess receives a heart shaped crystal tiara created by the Queen of Heart's very own Card Gardeners! The birthday princess will also receive a Certificate declaring them a true Prim and Proper Royal, autographed by Alice herself. The excitement continues with the party guests receiving their own un-birthday party favors to take home! The party progresses with a dance Alice learned from the Flowers in the Garden, Wonderland-Themed princess games, and a Topsy-Turvy posing lesson. Capture the special moments with a party photo and a treasured portrait for the birthday princess with Alice. To commemorate the occasion, each guest will receive princess autograph cards. The Party ends with a heartfelt rendition of singing "Happy Birthday!" Let us create the Best Birthday & Un-Birthday party for your little one's special day!

What's Included?

  • Party Planning Consultation: Your personal Party Blue Print is discussed with our Fairy Godmother! In just 15-20 minutes, we will plan the event of your dreams. It's not just about offloading the stress; it's about creating a day that's tailored to your vision. Dancing Princess Parties isn't just going to throw a generic party plan at you — we will help you craft an experience that feels personal and unique and full of magical memories for your child. 

  • Princess Attendant: Meet the Princess Attendant, a delightful companion who adds an extra touch of magic to any birthday party. With a warm and welcoming smile, the Princess Attendant possesses an extensive knowledge of royal customs, and the princess's story. Not only is the Princess Attendant an expert storyteller, but they ensure that the princess's schedule is followed flawlessly, making sure that all activities and events run smoothly. The Princess Attendant is skilled in posing and photography to ensure every moment captured is flawless to create a cherished memory.

  • Grand Entrance: As Alice steps out of Wonderland and into the birthday celebration, her eyes twinkle with enchantment, eager to make the birthday child's special day unforgettable. With a warm and whimsical greeting, she connects with the birthday child and their friends, infusing the party with the magic and wonder of her own topsy-turvy world.

  • Magic Picnic Basket: Alice brings her Magic Picnic Basket, brimming with extraordinary un-birthday gifts from Wonderland, and a unique gift just for the birthday child. The guests buzz with anticipation, knowing they can only unlock its wonders by passing the Manners & Etiquette test.

  • Manners & Etiquette Ceremony: Alice learned a lot of things from the Flowers on one Golden Afternoon, at your party she will teach the Birthday Flower and their Guests three vital Manners and Etiquette skills. The Birthday child and party guests must master these with the elegance of Wonderland's most refined to unlock the basket and discover the treasures inside.

  • Crystal Tiara: Alice will bestow the birthday child with a Heart-Shaped Crystal Tiara that was created by the Queen of Heart's Card Gardeners!

  • Prim and Proper Certificate: Upon completion of the Manners and Etiquette Ceremony, Alice will present the Birthday Child with a Signed Certificate declaring them Prim and Proper! 

  • Princess Dance: Alice will lead the party guests in a Dance she learned from the Flowers in Wonderland!

  • Additional Games: Alice will lead party guests in these fun games: 
    - "I'm Late!" Hot Potato Game with Alice's White Rabbit Companion
    - "Yes! Your Majesty!" A Queen of Hearts Says Game! 

  • Happy Birthday Princess Song: Alice will lead guests in the singing of the Happy Birthday Song! 

  • Photo Opportunities: Before her departure, Alice will teach your guests some topsy-turvy poses she learned from Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Your party will include a one-on-one photo for the birthday child with Alice as well as one group photo.

  • Autograph Cards: Alice will present the birthday child and each party guest with an autographed card! 

  • Royal Farewell: Before Alice departs, she'll spend a little extra time with the birthday child and say goodbye to all of the guests.

- Non-Refundable Deposit: All parties are subject to a 50% Non-Refundable deposit + a $9.99 Booking Fee.

- Booking Fee: Pricing is subject to additional fees including: $9.99 booking fee (all parties).

- Additional Guest Fees: Pricing below is for the birthday child and up to 15 guests. Parties with more than 15 guests (children who actively participate in the party) are subject to a fee of $10 per additional guest.

- Travel Fees: Some parties may also be subject to a Travel Fee of $25 or more based on your party address.

- Rushed Service Fee: There may be a Rushed Service fee of $50 for parties booked less than 2 weeks in advance.


By Booking a Party with Dancing Princess Parties, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Alice in Wonderland poses in a topsy turvy way
Alce in Wonderland poses for a birthday party celebration
Alice in Wonderland pours tea at a Birthday party celebration
Alce in Wonderland poses for her birthday party photo
Alice in Wonderland poses with a heart for her favorite Queen, the Queen of Hearts
Alce poses for a birthday party photo
Alce in Wonderland poses with her storybook

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