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It's a "Golden Afternoon" when Alice is around! Alice loves tea parties! If you are celebrating your Birthday or Un-Birthday with a Tea Party, Alice would love to be your hostess. Manners and etiquette are very important to Alice and she will be sure that only prim and proper guests are in attendance! She also loves singing and dancing with the flowers, but be sure to keep those manners in line or the flowers may mistake you for a weed! Alice is sure to make your day wonderful and magical with some topsy-turvy adventures snuck in along the way! If you're looking for a party duo, consider adding our White Rabbit Ballerina to your party for a little extra wonderment. 

Why Book with Us?

Your child deserves the best, which is why we've spared no expense in creating an immersive, and enchanting library of characters to make your celebration one to remember. After all, the magic is in the details. Our costumes and wigs are of the highest quality with character integrity in mind! You'll believe your performer stepped right out of a storybook! What really sets us apart, though, is our passion for making magic and our devotion to bring your favorite fairy tale characters to life. At the end of the day, it takes more than a beautiful costume and accessories to portray a character, it takes knowledge in acting, mannerisms, singing and dancing! We've left no details out in training our performers who are all professional dancers, singers and actors. On top of their star quality performance, the majority of our staff are also teachers, which means they know how to keep a room full of children captivated, engaged and participating throughout your entire event! 

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Select your Package

Pricing below is for the birthday child and up to 15 guests. Parties with more than 15 guests (children who actively participate in the party) are subject to a fee of $10 per additional guest. By Booking a Party with Dancing Princess Parties, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Twirl and Go (30 Minutes) - $140

​The Twirl and Go Package Includes: 

  • Party Planning Consultation: We know you may have a lot of questions prior to your party, that's why Dancing Princess Parties wants to take the guess work out of the planning process. We will take 15-20 minutes to plan your party with you over the phone and ensure that you know what all to expect from your magical event with Alice.

  • Grand Entrance: The first impression is so important, and we've put the work into making it magical. During your Party Planning consultation, we will give you a step by step on how to ensure the moment Alice enters your home is full of magic and wonder. 

  • Meet & Greet: Alice will spend a few minutes getting to know the birthday child and each guest upon arrival.

  • Magic Picnic Basket: Alice will bring the Magic Picnic Basket which is full of special party favors for guests. It also includes a special gift specific for the birthday child! The guests won't be able to open it until after the Manners & Etiquette Ceremony.

  • Manners & Etiquette Ceremony: Before the birthday child can open the magic picnic basket to reveal what's inside, they and all their guests must pass the Manners & Etiquette test and prove they are prim and proper and not a weed! This includes a special ceremony with the birthday child's Mother and/or Father!

  • Birthday Gift: Alice will present the birthday child with a custom, hand-made princess necklace made by our child-preneur partner Lettie from Lettie's Bippity Boppity Bijouterie

  • Etiquette Pledge: Alice will lead the dancers in the Etiquette Pledge written on our royal scroll! Party guests must promise to always behave a certain way to continue to be called prim and proper even after their time with Alice ends.

  • Keepsake Personalized Scroll: Alice will present the birthday child with a homemade, personalized honorary scroll naming him/her prim and proper. 

  • Princess Dance: Alice will lead the dancers in a Princess Dance to her favorite song.

  • Additional Game: If time allows, Alice will also lead the guests in one of these additional games which may include: Clean Cup Teacup Game, The Cheshire Cat Says Game, and/or Follow the White Rabbit!

  • Happy Birthday Princess Song: Alice will lead guests in the singing of the Happy Birthday Princess Song! 

  • Photo Opportunities: Before her departure, Alice will teach your guests prim and proper poses. Your party will include a one-on-one photo for the birthday child with Alice as well as one group photo.

  • Autograph Cards: Alice will present the birthday child and each party guest with an autographed card! 

  • Royal Farewell: Before Alice departs, she'll spend a little extra time with the birthday child and say goodbye to all of the guests.

Sprightly Princess (45 Minutes) - $175

The Sprightly Princess Package Includes everything in the Twirl and Go Package PLUS: 

  • Dancing Princess Storytime: Alice will captivate your audience with our signature interactive storytelling performance, complete with background music, character-specific props and movement. 

  • Additional Games: If time allows, Alice will also lead the guests in up to two of these additional games which may include: Clean Cup Teacup Game, The Cheshire Cat Says Game, and/or Follow the White Rabbit!

  • Wishing Well Farewell: Alice needs help! She drank a bottle that says "drink me" (bubbles) and she's grown too big to exit the party! She needs help from all the party guests to sprinkle her with some magic passable potion to help her pass through the door. 

Princess Package (60 Minutes) - $200

The Princess Package Includes everything in the Sprightly Princess Package PLUS: 

  • Tea Party: Alice will enjoy a tea party with your guests! The party host provides the tea cups, saucers and tea* while Alice demonstrates the prim and proper way to sip and eat. 

  • Scavenger Hunt: The White Rabbit with the help of the party host has left some clues around Wonderland! What surprise did the White Rabbit leave for guests?   

  • Additional Games:  If time allows, Alice will also lead the guests in up to three of these additional games which may include: Clean Cup Teacup Game, The Cheshire Cat Says Game, and/or Follow the White Rabbit!

*You may add the Tea Party Add-On with Alice and she will bring a fancy tea set and pink lemonade to your party! 

Perfect Princess (90 Minutes) - $250

The Princess Package Includes everything in the Sprightly Princess Package PLUS: 

  • Un-Birthday Parade: Alice will lead an Un-birthday parade with the Birthday Child as the lead and her un-birthday friends following as they dance around the party palace performing dance moves, poses, and their prim and proper manners for the adult guests to bask and marvel in!  

  • Individual Photos for all Guests: Alice will take the time to take individual photos with all party guests! 

  • Personalized Autograph Cards for all Guests: After getting their photo taken, Alice will sign a personalized autograph card for the birthday child and all their guests. 

Available Add-Ons 

Add on any of these additional services at check out!

Additional Princess 
Add an additional princess/character to your party package! An additional princess will provide extra entertainment when your primary princess is transitioning into new games or activities, keep children entertained during other activities such as crafts or makeovers, or just provide an extra layer of magic. 
+ $100/Each (Twirl & Go/Sprightly Packages)
+ $130/Each (Princess Party)
+ $150/Each (Perfect Princess Party)

Character Attendant*
Adding a Character Attendant to your party can help you save time (and money) for your party. The Character attendant can help your character throughout the party with setting up and tearing down each activity, provide extra support for guest and activity management to ensure you do not go over your allotted time. They are essentially your party planner - there to ensure that each part of the party proceeds as scheduled in a timely and organized fashion. 
+ $50 (Twirl & Go/Sprightly Packages)
+ $75 (Princess Party)
+ $100 (Perfect Princess Party)

Additional Party Guests (Parties over 16 children)
Each party package includes 16 children (one birthday child + 15 guests). Should your party exceed 15 guests, you will be subject to a fee of $10/child for each additional child. We will wave this fee if you hire a party attendant for your special day! A princess + Party Attendant can manage up to 25 children at one time. 
+ $10/Child 

Upgraded Party Favors 
We include the Magic Treasure chest in every Princess Party! But the Treasure Chest can only be opened upon guests passing the princess test and proving they are real-life princesses! When the treasure chest is finally opened your guests can pick their 3 favors to take home. With this add-on, you can provide an upgraded party favor experience. 
+ 5/Child

Princess Costume + Side Kick*
Some parents would like the birthday child to receive more than just a necklace from the character. This upgrade allows you to provide a necklace PLUS a full premium costume and stuffed animal side-kick. You can also make this option available to all the guests to your party (as long as each item is in stock). 

Princess Dress Up Station*
Dancing Princess Parties has a full princess dress up station which includes princess dresses as well as knight and prince suits of all sizes. As well as accessories such as wands, tiaras, and shoes plus shields and swords. The Dress up station also includes a princess bench for tiny guests to sit on. Costumes and accessories may be borrowed by your guests and returned at the end of your party. The party host must provide Dancing Princess Parties time to set up and tear down the dress up station both before and after the party (minimum of 30 minutes before and after party). Since this is a rental service, the party host may be responsible for any damages to costumes including lost or stolen items. 
+ $250 (Twirl and Go/Sprightly Princess Packages)
+ $275 (Princess Package)
+ 300 (Perfect Princess Package)

*Requires pre-set up by princess attendant. Costumes and dress up station must be returned at the end of the party

Princess Salon**
To provide the ultimate Bippity Boppity Boo-Tique experience, you may provide the Dancing Princess Parties Dress Up Station as mentioned above PLUS  a full service Princess salon which includes a princess manicure (nail polish plus gem stickers) as well as a beautiful princess sock bun. The sock bun includes a gorgeous tiara clip and glitter hair spray. 
+ $250 (Twirl and Go/Sprightly Princess Packages) + $55/Child
+ $275 (Princess Package) + $55/Child
+ 300 (Perfect Princess Package) + $55/Child

Professional Photography*
Dancing Princess Parties partners up with Todd Strong Photography to capture the magical moments throughout your party or event. You will receive a complete low-resolution (web-sized) album of fully edited photos PLUS 1 8x10 print as a keepsake. Additional prints are available at the photographer's fees. 
+ $150/Hr (includes low-res image album. 1 8x10 print)

You may add on any of the following in lieu of the Additional Games: 

Nail Painting with Jewel Art:**
Invite your guests to be pampered by a princess for a magical princess manicure (nail polish plus gem stickers) for each guest. 

Sock Buns + Tiara**
Your guests can get the royal treatment when they are pampered by your princess character to a royal sock bun hair-do. The sock bun includes a gorgeous tiara clip your guests can take home and glitter hair spray. 

Nail Painting with Jewel Art + Sock Buns/Tiaras**
It's the ultimate princess spa experience. Not only can your guests experience magical party entertainment, they can also get the royal spa treatment with a princess manicure and hair makeover. 

Tea Party

We love tea parties! They are perfect place to teach etiquette and manners which are very important traits of every princess. You can add on a tea party to any package and your character will provide tea cups, saucers, pink lemonade and some pastries for your guests to enjoy! 

Princess Craft
Your princess host can include a character-themed craft at your party that your guests can take home as a special memory from your child's birthday party. 
+ $12/Child

Princess Treasure Hunt
Dancing Princess Parties will provide princess approved clues for the party host to print and place around the party palace or venue prior to the big day. Party guests must follow the clues to find an extra party favor which they can keep as a souvenir. 
+ $10/Child (Will require pre-set up by party host)

* Subject to Availability
** May require the addition of a Princess Attendant or Additional Princess to meet time schedule


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