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Frostbite Princess
Frostbit Party Package

Party Details

  • $300

  • 60 Minutes

  • 1 Princess (Frostbite Princess)

  • 15 Guests (Children)

  • Recommended Ages 6-7

  • 1 Princess Attendant

Party Package Description

​The Frostbit Princess Package Description: 

A magical and enchanting experience for your little princess and her friends! This 60-minute party package is hosted by the Frostbite Princess, The Frostbite Princess will arrive prepared to delight the Birthday Princess and up to 15 guests. The festivities commence with a grand Coronation Ceremony, where the Birthday Princess and Guests must prove they are true Royalty! Upon Coronation, the Birthday Princess receives a crystal tiara adorned by crystals made by the Frostbite Princess's Sister... the Ice Queen herself! As well as an honorary princess certificate autographed by the Frostbite Princess. The excitement continues with the party guests receiving snowflake wands to take home! The Frostbite Princess reads her story in a signature story time. The Frostbite Princess loves to lead party guests in a special sing-a-long of some of her favorite songs. The party progresses with a princess dance, engaging princess games, and a princess posing lesson. Capture the special moments with a party photo and a treasured princess portrait for the birthday princess with the Frostbite Princess. To commemorate the occasion, each guest will receive princess autograph cards. The Party ends with a heartfelt rendition of singing "Happy Birthday!" Let us create an unforgettable and magical experience for your little one's special day!


What's Included?

  • Party Planning Consultation: We know you may have a lot of questions prior to your party, that's why Dancing Princess Parties wants to take the guess work out of the planning process. We will take 15-20 minutes to plan your party with you over the phone and ensure that you know what all to expect from your magical event with the Frostbite Princess.

  • Princess Attendant: Meet the Princess Attendant, a delightful companion who adds an extra touch of magic to any birthday party. With a warm and welcoming smile, the Princess Attendant possesses an extensive knowledge of royal customs, and the princess's story. Not only is the Princess Attendant an expert storyteller, but they ensure that the princess's schedule is followed flawlessly, making sure that all activities and events run smoothly. The Princess Attendant is skilled in posing and photography to ensure every moment captured is flawless to create a cherished memory.

  • Grand Entrance: The first impression is so important, and we've put the work into making it magical. During your Party Planning consultation, we will give you a step by step on how to ensure the moment the Frostbite Princess enters your home is full of magic and wonder. 

  • Meet & Greet: The Frostbite Princess will spend a few minutes getting to know the birthday child and each guest upon arrival.

  • Magic Treasure Chest: The Frostbite Princess brings her Magical Treasure Chest full of royal treasures from her kingdom! Only a True Princess can open the Treasure Chest & reveal what's inside!

  • Coronation Ceremony: It's Coronation Day! The Frostbite Princess brings a treasure chest from her kingdom full of royal treasures. Before the Treasure Chest can be opened, the Birthday Child must prove they are a true princess! There are 3 acts that every princess would know! How to put on reindeer antlers, give warm hugs & make Ice Powers (includes a touch of whimsy with real ice powers made of snowflake and paper confetti).

  • Crystal Tiara: Exuding regal elegance, the Frostbite Princess graciously adorns the Birthday Princess with a sparkling crystal tiara, meticulously crafted with ice crystals harnessed by her sister, the Ice Queen! 

  • Honorary Princess Certificate: "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! There's a new Princess in the Kingdom!" The Birthday Princess will officially be Crowned an Honorary Princess with an official Princess Certificate signed by the Frostbite Princess and sealed with an emblem from her Kingdom!

  • Snowflake Wands: The Frostbite Princess will bring Snowflake Wands for the Birthday Princess's Party Guests! They'll Talk about the importance of not letting Ice Powers out of control or they may start a blizzard!

  • Dancing Princess Storytime: Dancing Princess Parties' Signature Storytime is a full interactive story-telling experience. The Frostbite Princess will tell her story with the help of the Birthday Princess & her Party Guests. The Story Time includes the Frostbite Princess's Reindeer Side Kick!

  • Princess Sing-A-Long: The Frostbite Princess will lead everyone in a sing-a-long of her favorite princess song!*

  • Princess Dance: The Frostbite Princess LOVES sharing her favorite dance moves with the Princess Party Guests! Moves like the Snowman Port De Bras, Snowman Waves, Silly Snowman Twirls & More! She dances to her favorite song "Do you Wanna Build a Snowman?"

  • Additional Game: The Frostbite Princess LOVES playing games with your Princess Party guests! In the Swirl and Go Visit, she will play the following games:
    ❄ I'm a Silly Reindeer (Hot Potato)
    ❄ Reindeer Pokey

    ❄ Frozen Freeze Dance

  • Princess Posing Lesson: A Princess should know how to take a proper picture! The Frostbite Princess will teach your Princess Party guests how to pose like a Prince or Princess, a Queen and even a Reindeer for your Princess Party Photo!

  • Princess Party Photo: Your Princess Party will get to pose for a Memorable Keepsake Photo with the Frostbite Princess before she departs back to her kingdom. Your Princess Attendant knows how to pose the party for the picture-perfect capture!

  • Princess Portrait: The Party Princess gets her own Keepsake Princess Portrait with the Frostbite Princess! The Princess Attendant is there to ensure the Princess Portrait is posed to perfection.

  • Autograph Cards: Memorable Keepsakes! To add to the memorable event, the Frostbite Princess leaves each guest with an autograph to commemorate the magical day they spent with the Frostbite Princess.

  • Happy Birthday Song: Before departing back to her Kingdom, the Frostbite Princess & Party guests sing "Happy Birthday" to the Birthday Princess as she makes her "birthday wish" while blowing out her candles.

  • Bubble Send-Off: Sealed with a Wish! To ensure the Birthday Princess's wish is sure to come true, the Frostbite Princess leads the guests in a spell binding Bubble Send-Off as she makes her way back to her kingdom! Includes bubble wands for all party guests.

- Non-Refundable Deposit: All parties are subject to a 50% Non-Refundable deposit + a $9.99 Booking Fee.

- Booking Fee: Pricing is subject to additional fees including: $9.99 booking fee (all parties).

- Additional Guest Fees: Pricing below is for the birthday child and up to 15 guests. Parties with more than 15 guests (children who actively participate in the party) are subject to a fee of $10 per additional guest.

- Travel Fees: Some parties may also be subject to a Travel Fee of $25 or more based on your party address.

- Rushed Service Fee: There may be a Rushed Service fee of $50 for parties booked less than 2 weeks in advance.


By Booking a Party with Dancing Princess Parties, you agree to our Terms of Service.

Text PRINCESS to 833-214-0551 for Inquiries

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