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Throw an Alice in One-derland Party!

Creating a magical "One-derland" party for your one-year-old, themed after the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland, can be an unforgettable experience. Here's a detailed guide written by Alice herself to help you plan the perfect party:

Party Invitations

Start with unique invitations that set the tone for the fantasy land you're about to create. Consider using cardstock to create playing card-themed invites, with your little one’s face as the queen or king of hearts. Add whimsical wording like, “Join us in One-derland to celebrate [Child’s Name]’s very first birthday!”


Transform your space into a dreamy Wonderland:

  • Mushroom Corner: Set up oversized, colorful mushroom props where kids can play.

  • Tea Party Table: A long table with mismatched chairs and teapots, cups, and saucers for a Mad Hatter’s tea party vibe.

  • Wonderland Signs: Directional signs saying “This Way”, “That Way”, and “Wrong Way” to add a playful touch.

  • Flower Garden: Create a mini flower garden with bright paper flowers and butterflies.

  • Rabbit Hole Entrance: Use a blue fabric tunnel as the entrance to the party area, mimicking the rabbit hole.

Party Games

Adapt classic games for tiny tots:

  • Flamingo Croquet: Set up a baby-friendly version of croquet using inflatable flamingos.

  • Cheshire Cat Smile Hunt: Hide paper Cheshire Cat smiles around the party area for a fun treasure hunt.

  • Painting Roses Red: Set up a small art station where kids can paint paper roses red.


Serve finger foods and snacks that are both adult and kid-friendly:

  • Cheshire Cat Tails: Twisty cheese sticks or breadsticks.

  • Mad Hatter’s Sandwiches: Assorted finger sandwiches cut into fun shapes.

  • Queen of Hearts Fruit Platter: Heart-shaped fruit cuts arranged beautifully.

  • Rabbit Hole Puffs: Cream-filled pastry puffs.

  • Drink Me Bottles: Small juice bottles with “Drink Me” tags.


A whimsical cake is a must. Opt for a multi-tiered cake adorned with elements from Alice in Wonderland, like teacups, a watch, and a fondant Alice. A simpler option could be a single-tier cake with a big fondant ‘1’ on top, surrounded by edible flowers and a tiny fondant Cheshire Cat.

Final Tips

  • Music: Play soft, instrumental versions of classic Disney songs to add to the ambiance.

  • Party Favors: Give out mini tea sets or Alice in Wonderland storybooks as party favors.

  • Photos: Create a photo booth area with Wonderland props for memorable pictures.

With these ideas, your little one’s "One-derland" birthday will not only be a celebration of their first year but also a journey into a magical world for both the kids and adults in attendance. Enjoy planning and watching your little one's wonder as they experience the magic of Wonderland!

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