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Classic Cinderella

Classic Cinderella

From the page of a storybook comes Cinderella. Cinderella is the Classic Princess who transforms from rags to riches with the help of a Fairy God Mother and her animal friends. Cinderella loves to teach proper dance movements that are performed at a ball such as curtsies, bows, twirls and dancing in glass slippers. She believes the most important quality of a princess is kindness and is sure to share kindness where ever she goes. She is the perfect princess to make all your birthday child's dreams come true. 



  • Twirl and Go (30 Minutes) - $140

    The Twirl and Go Package Includes: 

    • Party Planning Consultation: We know you may have a lot of questions prior to your party, that's why Dancing Princess Parties wants to take the guess work out of the planning process. We will take 15-20 minutes to plan your party with you over the phone and ensure that you know what all to expect from your magical event with Princess Cinderella.

    • Grand Entrance: The first impression is so important, and we've put the work into making it magical. During your Party Planning consultation, we will give you a step by step on how to ensure the moment Princess Cinderella enters your home is full of magic and wonder. 

    • Meet & Greet: Princess Cinderella will spend a few minutes getting to know the birthday child and each guest upon arrival.

    • Magic Treasure Chest: Princess Cinderella will bring the Magic Treasure chest which is full of special party favors for guests. It also includes a special gift specific for the birthday child! The guests won't be able to open it until after the Coronation Ceremony and citing the Princess Pledge!

    • Coronation Ceremony: Before the birthday child can open the magic treasure chest to reveal what's inside, they and all their guests must pass the princess test and prove they are a royal princess! This includes a special ceremony with the birthday child's Queen Mother and/or King Father!

    • Birthday Gift: Princess Cinderella will present the birthday child with a custom, hand-made princess necklace made by our child-preneur partner Lettie from Lettie's Bippity Boppity Bijouterie. 

    • Princess Pledge: Princess Cinderella will lead the party guests in the Princess Pledge written on our royal scroll! Princesses must promise to always behave a certain way to continue to be called a princess even after their time with Princess Cinderella ends.

    • Keepsake Personalized Scroll: Princess Cinderella will present the birthday child with a homemade, personalized honorary princess scroll naming him/her an honorary prince/princess.

    • Princess Dance: Princess Cinderella will lead the dancers in a Princess Dance to her favorite song.

    • Additional Game: If time allows, Princess Belle will also lead the guests in one of these additional games which may include: Bippity Boppity Boo Dance, Decorating Cinderella's Dress for the Ball, and/or Bead and Ribbon Dance. 

    • Happy Birthday Princess Song: Princess Cinderella will lead guests in the singing of the Happy Birthday Princess Song! 

    • Photo Opportunities: Before her departure, Princess Cinderella will teach your guests how to pose like a princess. Your party will include a one-on-one photo for the birthday child with the Cinderella as well as one group photo.

    • Autograph Cards: Princess Cinderella will present the birthday child and each party guest with an autographed card! 

    • Royal Farewell: Before Princess Cinderella departs, she'll spend a little extra time with the birthday child and say goodbye to all of the guests.



Text PRINCESS to 833-214-0551 for Inquiries

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