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Frostbite Sister

Frostbite Sister

The Frostbite Princess loves parties! She is so exited the guards have opened the gates and are allowing parties, balls and coronations to take place! She arrives to your party with her favorite Reindeer companion who loves sniffing out the giggles of your party guests! She will show off her best gallops and pas de chevals (reindeer steps). The Frostbite Princess loves singing, and dancing and telling the story of how true love thawed her frozen heart. Warm hugs are her favorite! Oh and building a snowman! Let's not forget chocolate! You can invite her sister the Ice Queen to your party and have double the fun with this Icy duo! The Frostbite Princess also comes in a Coronation Dress, Adventure Outfit and a Tutu! Her sister, the Ice Queen comes available in her Icy Cape, Spirit Dress, Adventure Dress and her Tutu.

  • Twirl and Go (30 Minutes) - $140

    ​The Twirl and Go Package Includes: ​

    • Party Planning Consultation: We know you may have a lot of questions prior to your party, that's why Dancing Princess Parties wants to take the guess work out of the planning process. We will take 15-20 minutes to plan your party with you over the phone and ensure that you know what all to expect from your magical event with the Frostbite Princess.
    • Grand Entrance: The first impression is so important, and we've put the work into making it magical. During your Party Planning consultation, we will give you a step by step on how to ensure the moment the Frostbite Princess enters your home is full of magic and wonder.
    • Meet & Greet: The Frostbite Princess will spend a few minutes getting to know the birthday child and each guest upon arrival.
    • Magic Treasure Chest: The Frostbite Princess will bring her Magic Treasure chest which is full of special party favors for guests. It also includes a special gift specific for the birthday child! The guests won't be able to open it until after the Coronation Ceremony and citing the Princess Pledge!
    • Coronation Ceremony: Before the birthday child can open the magic treasure chest to reveal what's inside, they and all their guests must pass the princess test and prove they are a royal princess! This includes a special ceremony with the birthday child's Queen Mother and/or King Father!
    • Birthday Gift: The Frostbite Princess will present the birthday child with a custom, hand-made princess necklace made by our child-preneur partner Lettie from Lettie's Bippity Boppity Bijouterie.
    • Princess Pledge: The Frostbite Princess will lead the dancers in the Princess Pledge written on our royal scroll! Princesses must promise to always behave a certain way to continue to be called a princess even after their time with the Frostbite Princess ends.
    • Keepsake Personalized Scroll: The Frostbite Princess will present the birthday child with a homemade, personalized honorary princess scroll naming him/her an honorary prince/princess.
    • Princess Dance: The Frostbite Princess will lead the dancers in a Princess Dance to her favorite song.
    • Additional Game: If time allows, the Frostbite Princess will also lead the guests in one of these additional games which may include: Building a Snowman, Frozen Heart Freeze Dance, or Reindeer Sniffles!
    • Happy Birthday Princess Song: The Frostbite Princess will lead guests in the singing of the Happy Birthday Princess Song!
    • Photo Opportunities: Before her departure, the Frostbite Princess will teach your guests how to pose like a princess. Your party will include a one-on-one photo for the birthday child with the Frostbite Princess as well as one group photo.
    • Autograph Cards: The Frostbite Princess will present the birthday child and each party guest with an autographed card!
    • Royal Farewell: Before the Frostbite Princess departs, she'll spend a little extra time with the birthday child and say goodbye to all of the guests.



Text PRINCESS to 833-214-0551 for Inquiries

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